Village Vocab

There are a few terms in the GAME that may be handy to familiarize yourself with:

HOMESTEADER: Any young person who plays the GAME assumes the role of
a homesteader.

COMMISSIONERS: Those who direct or oversee the GAME ( leaders, teachers, counselors) play the part of COMMISSIONERS of a fictitious federal government.

PEEPS: These are 3 inches high (7.5 cm) characters created by both HOMESTEADERS and COMMISSIONERS to reside in the miniature Village.

HOMESTEAD AGREEMENT: An agreement drawn up by a COMMISSIONER stating that a Homesteader will act as a faithful and good citizen in the miniature village.

PROPRIETARY RIGHTS AGREEMENT: An agreement, signed by the 'actual' landowner, HOMESTEADERS, PEEPS and COMMISSIONERS in which the landowner agrees to loan an acre of land for the purposes of developing a mini community for a specific period of time, under the stipulation that the land is returned in the condition it is given - without environmental impact.

APPRAISAL DAY: The day on which the value of each HOMESTEADER's mini acre is appraised, that value is credited to his or her account, loans are repayed and accounts are closed.

MINI FAIR: The day after APPRAISAL DAY, players host a MINI FAIR for families, friends and members of the public to witness and to celebrate the results of the VILLAGE session.

AUCTION: The last day COMMISSIONERS hold an AUCTION at which HOMESTEADERS convert their mini-money cash from closing their accounts into prizes purchased by selected players.

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